Creating Winning Presentations

Moving the audience to action

You’ve got a mountain of ideas to put into a presentation and you don’t know where to begin. David shows you how to organize those ideas into a presentation that gets the audience to take action. He’ll find out what you really want the client or team members to do after you’ve spoken to them, and he’ll show you how to get that message to come across loud and clear throughout your presentation.

David helps his clients get to the heart of the matter quickly and directly. He’ll work with you at any stage of development: forming a general idea into a cohesive whole, or making an already strong keynote into a dazzling event. He helps formulate language that captures your true voice while forging a powerful connection with your audience. Whether speaking to large groups, board rooms, or one-on-one, David will show you how to create rock-solid content wrapped in clear, engaging language.

Key Objectives:

  • Transforming “information dump” presentations into dynamic ones
  • Keeping the content client-centered and taking out the jargon
  • Moving clients, boards, and stakeholders to take action
  • Crafting memorable stories that illustrate value
  • Using visual aids effectively

“David did a fantastic job. He obviously put a lot of effort into understanding exactly what was needed and wanted.”

Kathleen O’Brien / Business Development Director / Medtronic