Embracing Change

How high-performing achievers adapt

Change is a necessary part of growth, but it’s never easy to navigate. This keynote inspires audiences to say yes to change and to use their imaginations to see past the immediate obstacles that may arise. David motivates leaders and managers to see limitations as possibilities and to inspire those they lead to embrace change.

Through stories, humor, and practical examples, he illustrates the three primary strengths of thriving leaders: Adaptation, Imagination, and Communication. Staying flexible, using creativity, and crafting the right message can mean the difference between remaining stuck in the past or moving toward the future.

After attending this keynote, audiences will have a broader understanding of how to see hidden possibilities for personal and professional growth during times of upheaval and change.

Key Objectives:

  • Staying flexible when challenges arise
  • Keeping the vision of success clear and positive
  • Seeing limitations as possibilities
  • Using the powers of adaptation, imagination, and communication
  • Minimizing resistance when communicating change to the group

“David is a master of how human beings interact and communicate. Anyone who is charged with leading a team or organization will be a noticeably better leader after listening to David’s insights.”

Stephen Stoup / Senior Vice President / Fidelity Bank