Keynote Speaking

David delivers a powerful, funny experience with messages tailored to the exact needs of the audience. Bringing over two decades of theater experience with him, David is committed to providing tangible, relevant techniques that will make a leadership conference, sales meeting, or team summit into a memorable event. Speaking for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, and major non-profit organizations, David has built a sterling reputation as a speaker who will go the extra mile to make the event a success.

Elizabeth Norman

“David was dynamic, energetic, and his message was spot on.”

Elizabeth Norman / First Vice President / RBC Wealth Management

Winning With Words

Communicating value through storytelling and delivery

Key Objectives:

  • Making a lasting impression that wins sales and buy-in
  • Transforming dull information into persuasive stories
  • Earning trust by demonstrating value
  • Staying client-centered by using plain language
  • Building lasting relationships by using stories
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The Power of Positive Influence

A creative approach to developing leadership team strength

Key Objectives:

  • Using natural creativity as a problem-solving tool
  • Influencing each other to work toward common goals
  • Adopting the mindset of problem solvers, not order takers
  • Communicating for empowerment rather than information dump
  • Understanding each team member’s communication style and primary drives
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Embracing Change

How high-performing achievers adapt

Key Objectives:

  • Staying flexible when challenges arise
  • Keeping the vision of success clear and positive
  • Seeing limitations as possibilities
  • Using the powers of adaptation, imagination, and communication
  • Minimizing resistance when communicating change to the group
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Comedy Performance

An energetic, smart blast of humor

Choose from one of David’s comic one-man shows or order your own customized performance for your next event.

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