Comedy Performance

An energetic, smart blast of humor

David Mann is one of the most respected performers in the thriving Twin Cities theater scene, known for his witty, incisive solo performance acts. His humor is sharp, his stories are easy to relate to, and he performs with the energy of entire cast. He has entertained sales and leadership convention audiences from coast to coast with his refreshing brand of humor and storytelling.

Choose from any of the following options, all of which can be customized to fit your event.
All are flexible lengths, ranging from 15 to 60 minutes.

Customized Performance

A comedy about your people

David creates a performance tailored to your organization and its people. He will deliver a comic tribute that honors the executive or group while poking fun with his refreshing humor. Perfect for retiring executives, annual recognition events, and major conventions.

Life Lessons From a Grown-Up Kid

Funny stories about life

Did childhood really prepare us, or are we still making it up as we go? David tells the hilarious stories that we all know from growing up – family vacations, high school, and those first few jobs. Laugh while you remember the strange and hilarious trip to adulthood. A veteran entertainer, David makes a whole cast of characters come alive while providing a heartfelt message about what’s important in life and work.

Revelations: High School Backstage

David hilariously recreates his experience teaching theatre in a Catholic high school. You’ll meet a yearbook full of characters: the dubious boss, the obsessive co-workers and the vast array of teenagers learning about life. It’s a comedy about growing up: the laughter and the pain, glorious beginnings and difficult endings, and the dazzling cast of characters we all knew from our own high school years.

Temporary Insanity

This is the story of the corporate ladder as seen from the bottom. Clark Kent, a temp who refuses to accept the total insignificance of his position, enters the corporate maze. The characters he meets there leave him amused, confused, and ultimately just used. Temporary Insanity will speak to anyone who has ever wondered why they had to work for a living.

“David Mann’s crackling wordplay transforms a theatrical in-joke into a feat of language anyone could admire.”

Diablo Cody / Academy Award-winning screenwriter

“Mann’s storytelling and character development stole the show. His various office stooges and over-caffeinated, passive-aggressive secretaries were spot-on depictions of their real-life counterparts.”

Lincoln Journal Star

“David Mann is a hoot, a gem, a joy to watch. A perceptive and furiously funny show.”

St. Paul Pioneer Press

“Mann has an ear for detail, and eye for selection and delivers a performance full of enthusiasm, personality, and depth.”

Minneapolis Star Tribune