Persuasive Courtroom Delivery

Winning trust through confidence and sincerity

Even the best arguments can fail with dull delivery. Using performance techniques shared by actors and successful litigators, David directs attorneys to winning courtroom delivery. In an era when attention spans are shorter and patience is limited, a lawyer still must make a lasting impact in a matter of minutes.

Courtroom delivery training focuses on techniques that separate an average litigator from a dynamic, persuasive one: command of space, use of voice, and management of time. David will show lawyers exactly how to use vocal inflection and body language to tell the story between the words.

With David’s personalized coaching, attorneys will learn how to keep their game fresh by projecting an authentic presence in the courtroom, developing vocal delivery to retain juror engagement, and remaining confident under pressure.

Key Objectives:

  • Maintaining confidence under pressure
  • Using performance techniques to connect to jurors
  • Projecting authority and investment while at the podium
  • Using voice and body to get twice the results from half the words
  • Developing practice habits that guarantee a solid performance

“David’s overall approach and learning techniques were superb, and he gave each member of our group of almost 50 practitioners – no matter their experience level – new insights and skills that made them all better speakers and advocates. David’s energy was infectious and his methods highly effective.”

Thomas Linguanti / Baker & McKenzie LLP