High-Stakes Presentation Development

David is committed to every member of every session walking away with sharper skills that will help them win sales, retain clients, influence decision-makers, and motivate their teams. With 25 years of teaching experience, he provides a detailed learning strategy that augments the organization’s values and definition of success.

David’s programs are ideal for professionals who make formal or informal presentations that need to get results. David orients the program to the organization; it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Sales teams, leadership groups and nonprofit organizations can move to the next level with David’s comprehensive presentation development practice.

These programs are available for breakouts, half-day, full-day and private coaching.

“David’s approach proved highly effective across a team with varying abilities, experience, and comfort with presenting. I appreciated his ability to quickly coalesce tangible, actionable feedback for each of the participants. He brings passion and specificity to his work and his style was perfect for our organization.”

Jessica Boden / President / StoneArch Creative

Creating Winning Presentations

Moving the audience to action

Key Objectives:

  • Transforming “information dump” presentations into dynamic ones
  • Keeping the content client-centered and taking out the jargon
  • Moving clients, boards, and stakeholders to take action
  • Crafting memorable stories that illustrate value
  • Using visual aids effectively
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Speaking With Confidence

Performance secrets anyone can learn

Key Objectives:

  • Remaining calm and self-assured under pressure
  • Opening and closing with impact
  • Communicating integrity that strengthens relationships
  • Using vocal inflection and body language effectively
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