Speaking With Confidence

Performance secrets anyone can learn

Whether you’re an accomplished speaker giving keynotes or a sales professional giving a standard pitch, there are performance opportunities you’re likely missing. David has been a theatrical director and actor for over 25 years, and he has spent the past decade coaching hundreds of non-performers in the art of effective speaking. Speaking with confidence, heart, and energy can be the secret ingredient that wins a client, a sale, or the buy-in of your team. With a careful, attentive teaching style, David will provide you with practical performance tools used by actors, lawyers, and the best speakers.

David doesn’t try to make his clients into performers. He shows them how to let their natural personality come through by remaining calm under pressure and using body language and vocal inflection for impact. The result is an energized presentation that is both spontaneous and polished. Using proven methods shared by actors and speakers everywhere, David will show you how to take full advantage of the moment of truth when every word counts.

Available for breakouts, half-day, full-day and private coaching.

Key Objectives:

  • Remaining calm and self-assured under pressure
  • Opening and closing with impact
  • Communicating integrity that strengthens relationships
  • Using vocal inflection and body language effectively

“David’s coaching has been absolutely invaluable. After working with him my content is stronger, funnier, and more professional than ever. He vastly improved my delivery skills. David is a coach in the truest sense. He is skilled, critical, patient, empathetic, humorous, thorough, and fun to work with.”

John Huston / Polar Explorer