Story Development

Shaping the facts into a winning narrative

A powerful story wins the case. David’s case story guidance has been a key factor in verdicts delivering several million dollars in damages. A well-crafted story can grab the attention of jurors and judges in a matter of minutes and keep them engaged throughout the trial. David finds the heart of the story and develops it into words that have staying power. He will get juries and judges to “see” the story in their imagination – thus leading them to draw their own conclusions that are consistent with your case theme.

David serves simultaneously as writer, coach, and test juror. This process serves not only to produce a solid opening, closing, or oral argument – it gives attorneys a chance to develop the case story in a short, concentrated period of time. The process saves attorneys time by offloading to David the meticulous task of organizing wording that captures the imagination and achieves maximum persuasive impact.

Key Objectives:

  • Finding the most persuasive way to tell the case story
  • Writing in the attorney’s authentic voice for ease of delivery
  • Translating complex legal jargon into plain language
  • Activating openings, closings, and oral arguments with rhetorical impact
  • Making the jury an active part of the trial

“Working with David on story development is an invaluable part of our case workup and I truly think it gives us a tremendous edge over the other side. By the time trial depositions start we have such a good working story for the case that they are at a distinct disadvantage.”

Ed Ciarimboli / Fellerman & Ciarimboli